Writing this on train from bangalore to ernakulam. Its a big question. Many a times we fail miserably trying to answer that. And the frustration of this failure pushes us to leave this question to fate, or any other random reason. It’s like saying “animals are unpredictable”, what we should rather be saying is that it’s behaviour is not as random as it seems and what is required is a little understanding to explain it e.g.

How we explain-a lion appeared out of nowhere and attacked 

A better explaination-The lion was just being territorial as he perceived us as a threat and the reason why we were not able to see it coming because they have a better sense of sight and smell than us

Solution-Avoiding the territory which fits the description of a typical hunting ground for lions. And if one has to enter then he should be cautious enough to take care to camouflage himself and take care of the wind direction to help him pass undetected. 

We have shown above that how a little understanding helps change the perception and hence the actions. But that kind of understanding is seldom seen in real life. I guess it’s unnatural to expect a 100% understanding society. But the benefits of understanding is reaped by those who go through the pains and patience required to createt understanding. The more you understand the more you reap. Companies spend a fortune towards understanding their customers to build better products or service. 

On a broader level i can safely say that over a long period most people will choose things that they have grown up with, majority will think alike. Out of the thing that they have chosen they enjoy it’s finess. E.g.

Lets take an example. A person in south india wants to open a restaurant. So he wants to know which on would be more popular a south indian restaurant or a pizza joint. People there hVe definitely grown with south indian cuisines than pizza. Hence they will have a tendency of choosing the south indian restaurant they will have to. But will enjoy it…..only if the south indian dish is best in its class